Insurance Procedures

Q. Should I call Rockford Auto Glass or my insurer first?
A. If you call us first, we will make your appointment, verify your insurance, and contact your insurer with one call. If you do call your insurer first they may provide you with a lengthy process to adjust your claim. If you want Rockford Auto Glass to perform your services it is necessary to specifically request Rockford Auto Glass.

Q. What types of auto glass damages are covered by insurance.
A. Auto glass damages from all causes are covered by insurance. Auto glass damage incurred from road hazards and vandalism as well as unknown causes is covered by the comprehensive section of your insurance. Damage caused by moving vehicle accidents is covered by the collision section. Insurance covers all the glass in your car, not just the windshield.

Q. If I make an auto glass claim on my comprehensive coverage will my rates increase?
A. While only your insurer can answer this question for you, we have found that most insurers do not or cannot adjust an individual policy holder’s rates because of comprehensive glass claims.

Q. How do I begin the glass claim process?
B. Please call Rockford Auto Glass at 724-2165, 800-552-6664 or in Rome, Wilcove Rockford Auto Glass & Radiator at 336-0540, 800-511-5890. 

Q. Does the insurance company pay Rockford Auto Glass or do I pay you and submit your bill to my insurer?
A. We bill your insurance company directly. We handle all the paperwork so you don’t have to be bothered. You are only responsible for your deductible, if any, at the time of service.

Q. Is Rockford Auto Glass a “participating vendor” with all insurers?
A. Yes. Most insurers use third party “networks” or “brokers” to adjust auto glass claims. Rockford Auto Glass is a participant in good standing with all insurers and networks. However, since some of the networks are owned by competing auto glass companies, it is necessary for you to specifically request Rockford Auto Glass. You have a legal right to get your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice, so insist on the best and safest installations at Rockford Auto Glass!