Pop-Up Sunroofs

SFC/CRL NewPort Sunroofs offer the installer a choice of six different sizes, from 14" x 32" to 22" x 38" with a choice of Universal or Molded interior trim rings for virtually all headliners, and Dual Contoured models assures that there is a NewPort Sunroof that is right for just about any vehicle. All NewPorts feature removable Solar High Performance Glass that provides 92% U.V. protection, and the easy-to-operate Bio-Mechanical Latch for instant opening or closing.

SFC/CRL 14x32 NewPort Sunroofs SFC/CRL 16x36 NewPort Sunroofs
SFC/CRL 17x32 NewPort Sunroofs SFC/CRL 18x28 NewPort Sunroofs
SFC/CRL 20x32 NewPort Sunroofs SFC/CRL 22x38 NewPort Sunroofs

Power Roofs
ASI Series

ASI Series - The ASI Inbuilts are the ultimate in open-air systems. The complete range of ASI Inbuilts offer optimum ventilation and light control. All ASI-sunroofs are equipped with the new generation Inalfa One TouchTM illuminated switch that allows you to fully open, close or vent the solar tinted glass panel. Standard Autoclose allowing the sunroofs to automatically close when the ignition is switched off is very convenient. All Inbuilts have an integrated automatically deploying wind deflector eliminating wind noise in addition to a sliding Sunshade covered in vehicle matching fabric. The headliner Substrate allows clean interior finish and gives you the maximum Safety possible. ASI-Inbuilts meet all applicable FMVSS and TUV Safety Standards. 

ASI 750
18" x 30" 
ASI 840
19" x 33" 
ASI 925
19" x 37"