Windshield Repair

Repair or replacement.
Tips to help you determine. 

Any windshield damage should be fixed right away. Because today's small problem can become tomorrow's headache. When left untreated, windshield damage is likely to spread.

The windshield repair performed on your vehicle is guaranteed for as long as you own that vehicle. If for any reason you become dissatisfied with the repair, a complete refund will be given. All refunds must be given as a credit towards the purchase of a new windshield installed in the original vehicle by Rockford Auto Glass. If the original repair was covered by insurance, credit will be given to the insurance company and the customer will be required to pay the deductible if any.

Windshield Repair
Minor damage can be mended before it spreads and requires additional money and time to fix. Repair is possible when only the outer layer of the laminated safety glass is damaged.

Here are typical rock chips that can be repaired: If they are smaller than the size of a quarter, and are not in the driver's direct line of sight.

These types of repairs may take 60 minutes to fix and usually leave a small blemish where the glass was broken.